Beef Wellington

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This Recipe is for

4 Persons

Preparation time


Cooking time




Step 01

Trim all fat from the fillet of beef and heat the butter in a pan. Brown the fillet of beef in the butter put fillet of beef aside and let it go cold.

Step 02

Finely slice the mushrooms and cook in a little oil. mix mushrooms and pate together and coat the fillet of beef with the pate and mushrooms.

Step 03

Roll out pastry very thinly to give a piece 1 1/4 times the length of the fillet. And warp the pastry around the fillet.

Step 04

Seal all the edges with egg yolk and brush the pastry lightly with the rest of the egg yolk.

Step 05

Put on a baking sheet and cook for 45 minutes in a moderate oven.

Step 06

If the pastry starts to brown too quickly lightly cover with foil until nearly cooked then remove to finish browning. Serve with fresh Vegetables and potatoes.

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