How to Cook a Fish in the Oven

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After cleaning the fish, put it on a plate add chopped onion, a few leaves of parsley, a pinch of thyme, a leaf laurel crumbled, and pinch of coarse ground pepper, then sprinkle it with plenty of oil and leave it for an hour or two. take the fish from marinade clean aromas salt it peppers it lightly flour it on both sides.

Put on the fire a container, which can also go into the oven, put about half glass of oil, when it is hot put the fish, and brown both sides, put in the already hot oven (200) leave it about twenty minutes, sprinkling occasionally with oil on the bottom. after this time turn the fish other side carefully, put in oven for another twenty minutes, sprinkling occasionally with its oil.

When cooked place fish on a serving dish decorate with lettuce leaves and lemon wedges.

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