Kibbeh Sanieh

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This Recipe is for

6 - 8 Persons

Preparation time


Cooking time





Step 01

Mince the lamb and add the salt. Peel and quarter onions add a teaspoon each of salt, pepper, cinnamon, mix and add the meat.

Step 02

Wash and strain borghol, ix with meat and mince the mixture once more and add cold water so that it becomes like a paste.

Step 03

For stuffing fry the chopped onions, then add pine-nuts, minced meat. fry until cooed and add seasoning after that leave it to cool down.

Step 04

Grease a shallow baking dish. Divide the Kibbe into 2 portions and spread one portion evenly on this dish.

Step 05

Next spread the stuffing over this and finally cover with the second portion of kibbe.

Step 06

Cut the top layer into diamond shape and sprinkle a little bit of water and brush with oil, bake it in  400° temp oven until the upper layer turns brownish after that remove it serve with hot.

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